Frequently Asked Questions

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How can you afford to build quality websites at no development costs?
Quite a few reasons. We use AI tools to move quicker, leverage our industry partnerships and know-how for cheaper prices, build with light weight components, and frankly we're workaholics. We believe that with our quality work and superb support, you'll want to keep us around for the long haul. We're paying it forward, so to speak.

Is there any long term commitment?
Only for 1 year. After that you may cancel at any time. We'll even help you export your site out when you're ready to go.

What if I need additional pages designed or need a site redesign?
Our sites come with a visual editor. It's super easy to create pages entirely on your own without having any technical skills at all. But if you do need additional designs, no problem! If you have a support plan with us, additional design/development hours can be purchased at a discounted price of $65/hour (regularly $97/hour). Also, if you've been with us for at least a year, we'll redesign your site for free every year if you'd like.

How are you able to get my site so fast?
Once designs are created or changed, we pass the code through an automated optimizer that finds security, performance, and SEO optimizations to make in the code, so we can get the best possible performance. We also leverage our infrastructure knowledge and partnerships to get the best possible performance from the hosting.

How long will it take you to build my website?
The development time depends on the size and complexity of the site. But we're usually finished with development in 3-4 weeks.

How do revisions work?
Reach out to us at any time to request revisions. If you have been with us for a year, revisions are completely free. If the revisions fall outside the scope of the original agreement, we charge at a discounted price of $65/hour (regularly $97/hour).

Can you also develop landing pages?
While the no-code platforms we use make it easy for you to create new pages on your website, we understand that not all clients have the time or interest in creating new landing pages. We also have plans available for regular ongoing page design. Contact us for more information.

Do I still own my site if I leave?
Yes! You have full rights to your site and all copy on it whether you are using Snap's services or not. If you leave, you will no longer have our security, performance, bug, and SEO coverage, but all code and content is yours.